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Okie,I believe the majoriy of the popeye marbles are in the collections of people who are not motivated to sell them.So the few that do make it to sale are common or damaged.The rare mint examples bring the best money.They're also great for filling up those authentic popeye boxes with bags that drift in from time to time.Yes I wouldn't mind have a jar full.

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The colors don't have to be primary colors (red, blue, yellow). They can be any two colors, plus wispy white, in a clear (colorless) base. A true hybrid Popeye has a third color that is NOT the result of the blending of the two main colors. For instance, if a blue and yellow Popeye (both primary colors) had a band of green between the blue and yellow, it would be a blended Popeye (blue + yellow = green), not a true hybrid. If a blue and yellow Popeye also had a purple, red, or orange band, it would be a hybrid. Another example would be a red and yellow Popeye with orange in between the red & yellow = a blended Popeye. A red & yellow with a blue, green, or purple band would be a hybrid. To make things worse, you might be able to say a red, yellow, and orange Popeye was a hybrid if the orange didn't occur between the red and yellow bands, but on the other side of either the red or the yellow - - -


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Here is an example of a blended popeye with purple and yellow. Notice that the yellow has tunneled behind the purple to create a sort of brownish color:


Here is an example of a hybrid popeye with bright primary colors:


Here's a hybrid popeye with unusual colors of burgundy, thin line of yellow, baby blue and a line of regular red:


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