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Fostoria Glass Marbles


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I've heard of marble companies buying scrap or cullet from the Ohio / WV production line glass companies... Specifically, I remember Cambridge being mentioned...

I deal in a lot of glassware and I've read.... somewhere.... Of how these companies and their families carried each other, married each other, bought and sold to each other and sometimes hated each other...

It would only seem logical that the marble companies were "in the mix" of all that... But, due to the difference in product nature, only (mostly) Akro stuff seems to blend marbles with other production items in historical reference...

If there's evidence of Fostoria glass being used by marble companies, it would probably be information the diggers might have...

Did the Fostoria company produce marbles?? Not that I've ever heard of.

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in moundsville wv there was a fostoria plant and i was told there was a dump up grave mound creek with tons of marbles...i tried several times to find it but was not sucessful.....the guy told me there were clearies therebut like i said i never found it....

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