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Please Help With I.d.


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Yep, it's a shrunken onionskin -- nice one. The other, yellow one -- different people would call different things, so just throwin' it out there - - - I personally would call it a banded transparent; some might call it a transparent indian. Probably other things too! But then in my collection I have degrees of banded transparents (maypole, a few bands only one or two colors, more bands only one or two colors, more bands more colors, lots of bands one or two colors, lots of bands lots of colors = joseph's coat , , ,)

Nice Jabo rainbows!

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I'm with Ann... Years ago, I woulda called the yellow one "An onionskin with the colors on the surface" for lack of a better term... But, I think Banded Transparent really works for that style...

The pink one is a little wacky!! The second picture looks like a simple shrunken onionskin... But, the top picture looks like there's a white panel floating over it on the other side?? If so, it's really an oddball... I bet it was getting close to the end of the cane.

That's interesting, Marie!! I never really noticed that. I wonder if that's what they were trying to imitate with the Sparklers??

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