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HI there fellow collectors ( mibologists )

My name is peter and im a new member from the uk. Ive been collecting marbles on and off for many years now, just for their look and individuality. I have bought a couple of books in the past to try to get some idea of what i have been bying. But up until recently i havnt had anybody over here who apreciates marbles to talk to ( apart from a brief incounter with the late paul williams)so i havnt been to bothered with iding any. I have now found a good friend not so far away that has the same passion for mibs as me. He has kicked me into finding out what we have got and maybe do some byeing,selling or traiding if we have anything of interest to any of you. All i can say is. What a subject and how complex it is. What isnt helping is that we have so many german marbles that look so much like mibs from usa, and there seems to be a big lack of any info on german machine mades.I have been having a look at this forum for a couple of weeks now, and thanks to joe street who has posted some pics of some of my mibs for me, that i have taken the plunge and joined. I must say a big thank you to all of you who have taken the time to have a look at the pics and for the comments and help that you have given ie euro 8s. Even though they seem to throw up even more questions than i had before. I have managed to identify some of my marbles already and seem to have a quite a veriety of vitros, victories, conquerers, all reds and some very nice cosmic rainbows both small and shooter size. I have id some pelts as well, all rainbows of one sort or other,have named some sunsets and prob a couple of transitionals to( baseballs and euro 8s yet to be sorted). i have some marble king rainbows from the 70s some akro some new jabbo pee wees. And the list seems to get bigger. I am having some problems with downloading any of my pics myself until i can get to see my fellow mibologist who is far better with computers than me.And can find out were im going wrong. I will sign off now, so not to bore you all to much.I hope that you will all be as helpfull as you have already been. Pete

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Welcome Pete!!

We have some crazy moments here and there... But, we do try to help where we can!!

WOW, you got to meet Paul?? How Cool!! I hope it was a good meeting... Before he settled down, he was pretty famous for having his good and bad days... Mannnn, I miss him!!

If you can email pictures, IM me for an email address and I'll be happy to post them for you.

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