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Not-Very-Pretty Marbles...


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Sue, I deleted your post! I'm so sorry!

I was trying to delete a double post I made. I immediately saw I pressed the wrong button but it didn't give me the regular "are you sure you want to do this message" before it went ahead and knocked it off.


Now I've deleted my post too in shame.


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Based on their looks alone, I wouldn't have gone higher than about $25.00 on any of them, especially that child's scribble called a lightning strike. HOWEVER, I know that some other collectors would pay MUCH more for them, so I might have gone as high as a couple hundred, and hoped to make a nice little profit when I (immediately) resold them. :)

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This was Sue's post:

I really don't want to sound like a marble snob, but I probably will......

Those are the marbles that made early collectors laugh at people sitting around oogling over machine-mades!! They are "The Holy Grail" types of marbles... If you run across one in the wild, your a legend......Toyota owners, meet the Ferraris!! ;)

------------ QUOTE ----------

Shipping is only 35.00$......


Wow... I'm surprised. I can understand the security of shipping that sort of thing.

But, that seems pretty harsh...

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No problem Steph... I know exactly how that feels!! I did it once, too... But, I wasn't saved by anyone!! It was embarrassing.... :blush: I think I was trying to fix a link and I made a MESS!!!

For the longest time, I copied any post I tampered with, so I could at least put it back if I goofed it up!!

I was thinkin' it might have been for the best. But, I'm glad it's back....

I have to agree... The big Pretty marble is far more to my liking... The huge attraction to the others is the fact that they are sooooo rare. So I can really appreciate the comment...

...what I couldn't have done with all that $...!!

But..... I think.... If I were to find one of those in a price range I could afford, I'd have a tough time letting it go!!

Yet, if I had that amount of money to spend, I think I'd shoot at different targets...

@Steph, so he already knew it would go over 3'000$? You put in shipping before you list.

Kevin, he had that price on all three for shipping... Ebay doesn't allow for calculated insurance anymore (And I'll be damned if I can figure out WHY!!!) So, I'm bettin' he simply figured the highest possible cost and stuck it in there... After the fact, he can return the overage if he wants to be a good guy... As far as I can tell from this seller, he's really good.

Damn... I hadn't added the numbers up... At that range, it might be better to look into registered mail... At one point, a long time ago, I had to ship 4 Steuben candlesticks to NYC. It was a much better and cheaper deal to go registered... (I'm too lazy to check it out!! LOL)

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from the description in the auction...

This marble will ship USPS Priority with Delivery Confirmation

and insurance. Quoted shipping of $35 includes shipping and insurance covering $3000.

PLEASE do not pay until we send your invoice so we can adjust shipping either

up or down to reflect the amount of insurance needed to cover the final

selling price....

they should pay me for this stuff


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Hey Buddy, only the "Retired Guys" have time to read the whole auction!!! ROFLMAO

but man what I could do with $5,000 with 4 kids

Good Point!!! The price for those 3 marbles would cover my son's student loans (After Scholarships.... Ok, I'm braggin'!! LOL) for a semester at the third most expensive college in the country and give him a couple of bucks spending $$$

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