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In redoing one of my storage closets I found a box with several old bags of marbles in it. One bag of 50 marbles has a label on it of C.E.Bogard & Son's and there is a seam down the back side. I know that they bought and packaged marbles made by several company's. In this bag there are several very nice hybrid cat's eye marbles. In-fact the back side of the label says CAT EYES in large letters and under that it says The Cat's eye in glass. Here's my question: All the beautiful hybrid cat's have four vane's. Is there a lot of the four vane hybrids and if so who made them? They look like they were made by Marble King. The vane's fill the glass from side to side and they are very pretty. Did Vitro make four vane hybrids? ----Leroy----

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From what I understand CE Bogard did make those style cat's-eyes. That's been a while back since the last discussion I remember. However, maybe someone can check with Ron or some of the other digegrs as to whether they found them in the digs, etc. Here's a pic of one of my bags that has them plus one package of the Mountaineer Shooters that appears to have them, too.




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I also was under the impression that Bogard made cat's eyes.

However, they did have a relationship with Marble King. Bought cat's eyes from MK for Bogard bags, sold industrial marbles to help fill MK industrial orders.

(this according to AMMM)

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