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Some Dug Marbles

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Here are some of the marbles that I have found while digging for bottles this year so far. I would really like some help with the glass machine made marbles because I really have no clue when it comes to trying to ID them. And a added note that when we dig these privys we usually do not find any machine made marbles down in the privy they are mostly found in the first 6 inches of the soil. The German swirls do come from down in the privy.....


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Hiya Clamdigger. I realize you are asking for some ID's but I moved this to the general chat forum anyway because these really need to be shown off. IMHO!

For ID's it's usually best to focus on one group per thread. Usually a smallish group, but one group in any case. So you might want or need to start new threads anyway. In the meantime, WOW.


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The red on blue swirl could be a Peltier spiderman ($30 mint) or a Peltier submarine ($300+ mint). It looks like a sub from here but we would need closeups. None of the other marbles in that group exceed $10 but still a very nice group. The larger red/black/blue marble is interesting, looks like a Vitro elite.

The agate shooter in with the bennintons has a striking bullseye pattern which brings a premium.

The pinwheel china is better than average, as well as the brighter teal/brown lined chinas.

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