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Hi there everybody.

As you all know. Ive been posting lots of pics for you all to try to id for me.I have managed to sort quite a few of my vitros and some pelts. I am trying to get the hang of a new camera hence my pics are a bit sketchy, and i havnt got the hang of getting pics of groups of mibs onto the forum to show you all how im doing.Here is a pic of a couple of pelts i have Id myself. Will post some more pics of my pelts, vitros to show you. Also have a collection of hand mades and non glass mibs if anyone interested in seeing any pics of them to. Thanks for your help so far, and if i start to post to much,will someone please tell me to slow down. Thanks for your help so far. Pete

P.S. Were did the topic go on mibs for winter. Wanted to post a pic of some winter transitionals.post-2432-125978688148_thumb.jpg

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Yes you are right about your ID, nice Pelts!

I don't know the thread of mibs for winter,maybe someone else knows,or do you mean the color of the month thread?

We sure must have a December color.


Yes that the one. I saw one for november. Has one for december been started yet?

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