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What Happened Here?


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it's the real deal. We have one from those digs that is a deep, almost black purple with the blue, and I wouldn't take less than 500. for it.

We have bought from leo, he an honest dealer and knows his akro's. that is a super early hand gathered akro. and there was very very few of that color combo found... like only a handful. It may have turned into a bidding frenzy, but still a rare, and sought after akro.

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Craig must of seen it like i did. posted this on another board yesterday;

seen that too, also thought does not look right! Not a brick, don't even think it's Akro. Looks like one of those blue/red/brown CAC striped opaques, Les was selling in the late 90's, got that electric dot thing goin on.

if Dani says Akro it may be though. have to have in hand to tell.

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