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Onionskin Marble Id Help


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Sorry you didn't get any answers. I recommend posting handmade questions in the main forum. Since most of the marbles in the ID section are machine-mades, people who specialize in handmades don't look over here as often.

Does it have anything in the middle of it?

Would this fall into the "maypole" category. I'm just winging it here. All I know about handmades is what I read in Paul Baumann's book, Collecting Antique Marbles.

I'll move this over to the main section to get some more eyes on it. -s

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Yep, I was going to suggest wetting it too... It certainly does look like a German handmade...

I'd guess, either a latticinio core, or a coreless (I'm not sure of the current term for that)

It sure makes a cool looking piece of jewelry!!! :D

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