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Indiana Marble Show Report


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Hello everyone, here is a report on the Indy show. I’ve posted it on all of the forums, if you get tired of seeing it I apologize.

January 9th 2010 Indianapolis Show

1. The day of the Indy show had arrived and I looked outside to a bunch of snow…

So I did what any good father would do and handed his daughter a snow shovel. My son tried to take my position as an observer but as you can

see in the next picture my daughter got him lined out.

2. Kids sure are handy :)

3. We got to the show and checked out who all was there.

4. Notice that Griff and Bill O. are listed twice? I was relieved to learn that it was mistake; there was only one of each at the show. Bill O. is a nice

enough fellow but I don’t think the world is ready for two Griffs.


5. A lot of people braved the bad weather to make it to the show, Rick and his son Jake (not pictured) made it.

6. The Splattman! Rhonda must have called and reminded him.

7. It was a pleasure to meet Kevin and his daughter Kenzie.

8. Chris J. A great guy who has the best hand made collection I’ve ever seen.


9. Diane B. gave my kids a couple of animatronic puppies, you push a button and they roll around and play Christmas tunes. I asked our Pomeranian

why he couldn’t do that, he just looked at me like I was stupid (so did my wife).

10. Diane entertaining kids, when we go to a show my kids always ask if Diane is going to be there. A wonderful person, thanks Diane. PS, Diane

after the kids went to bed me and Karen played with the puppies :)

11. Mike A. manning the Id/Appraisal table.

12. Kim W. keeping an eye on things while Mike is out wondering around. I wasn’t able to get a picture of Beth the club President, she unfortunately

wasn’t able to be at the show but she left it in very capable hands with Mike and Kim.


13. Griff, me and Ron Shepard. I’m smiling because I’m at the marble show, Ron’s smiling because he’s a happy guy and Griff is smiling because he just

lifted my wallet.

14. Griff counting my loot.

15. Ron, Kokoken and Steve S.

16. The light outside of my favorite marble room.


17. Chuck B. answering questions for a collector. Chuck has the most spectacular Vitros that you will see at a show.

18. Some of Chucks marbles.

19. The marble that I circled was a killer parrot, I should have taken more pictures of it.

20. Some more nice Vitro’s.


21. George S. a really nice marble man.

22. Some really cool Vacor’s, Michelangelo’s. Vacor does make some pretty marbles.

23. Some more of George’s marbles.

24. And some more.


25. Elizabeth and Steve, Steve loaned me several really cool marbles to take pictures of for my site. Included were some 1991 Jabo’s , these were

some of the very first classics made. Thanks Steve.

26. Some other interesting things that Steve brought to the show, here is the shear from a 1932 Vitro machine.

27. Here is a cup and shear from a modern Jabo machine.

28. The cup is stationary on the marble machine and the shear sits in a water cooled platform that moves back and forth and cuts off chunks of glass

as it flows into the cup. Very neat stuff.


29. Ron Yutzy…

30. And some of his collection, I thought the remelts were interesting.

31. I really like clambroths.

32. Some John Hamon Miller contemporaries.


33. Lonnie Conyers, he usually hangs out with this guy Bud (whom I failed to get a picture of), a couple of real marble nuts. I had talked to Bud he

told me that it had really been a great show for him and that he wished it would last a couple more days.

34. Some of Bud’s marbles (I think).

35. Some of Lonnie’s marbles, the Vitro, 3rd row down, 3rd from the left is a really neat marble. If I hadn’t been robbed by an unnamed party earlier it

would be in my collection.

36. Some nice Popeyes.


37. Jim Gaudin. Nice meeting you Jim, look forward to seeing you at future shows.

38. Jim had some nice marbles as well as this killer paperweight that he brought to the show.

39. Some of Jims Mibs.

40. And here is a few more.


41. Bill Bass, Bill always brings some killers to the shows.

42. Here are a few of Bills marbles.

43. And here are a few more.

44. I usually take more pictures of Bill’s marbles but for some reason this time I didn’t. So to fill out this group I’ve inserted a picture of a bald guy

with some Christmas puppies per my son’s request.


If you made it to the end thank you for checking it out. If you would like to see some

more show pictorials you can find them at www.joemarbles.com.

If you would like to see larger pictures of any of the marbles please let me know and I’ll

e-mail them to you. Also if you would like contact information for any of the people

selling marbles please contact me at [email protected]. Thanks again, Joe.

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Thanks so much, Joe. My observation at the show was that the quality of the mibs was unusually high as was the knowledge level of the people. The people were also very open in sharing their knowledge. I think I learned more at this show than any other show. Maybe it was the Hoosier hospitality.

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Great report Joe! I couldn't make it this year partly because of the weather, but seeing the pics was the next best thing to being there. Your show reports and photos are always top notch! Thank you for the time and effort for posting.

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Sue, Ken, Al and Smitty, thanks for the nice comments. I had a great time at the show Ken; marble people are really nice folks :) Al, Diane is a very thoughtful person not only of people but of animals as well (I think that is why she gets along with my kids so well :) She volunteers at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center West of Indy, a very cool place. (http://www.exoticfelinerescuecenter.org/home.html) Thanks again everyone, Joe.

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She volunteers at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center West of Indy

WOW!! How cool is that??

OK Joe... Now the most important question....

How the heck do you convince kids to go out and shovel snow???

I think the only way I could've done that with my kids, would be to suggest that the Exotic Feline Rescue Center was running low on fresh meat!!! LOL

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WOW!! How cool is that??

OK Joe... Now the most important question....

How the heck do you convince kids to go out and shovel snow???

I think the only way I could've done that with my kids, would be to suggest that the Exotic Feline Rescue Center was running low on fresh meat!!! LOL

I get them to shovel snow by telling them that I'll take them to a marble show. I will have to keep the threat of feeding them to large felines in mind just in case there isn't a marble show to bribe them with. :)

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