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Are These Pandas?


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While we're on the subject of Blue Pandas and such, are the ones in the 3rd column regular Pandas?

Morphy auction pic - click to enlarge


Would the mibs in the 5th column have a name? They look sorta like 7-ups but they're NLR era mibs. (edit: is that base black or green? - I thought it was greenish but maybe it's black after all)

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Thanks for the example, D.

Fwiw, here's what I am seeing.

Some of the black and white ones look like black base with white ribbons to me. Not particularly baseball-y except maybe for the 2nd from the top. But still looks like a black base on many of them. To me. . . I just noticed the 6th one from the top looks like a white base. Hadn't seen that one before.

In the 5th column, I think I'm seeing a dark base with red and white ribbons. The base looks as if it might be transparent or translucent.

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