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Paperweight Question

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That one is kind of like a mib, ain't it? My paperweight collecting taste has usually run more to encased core works and millefiori. I have a favorite or two, but my collection never really spread out from that narrow focus. I'll post a pic of one encased core example I recently bought as soon as I figure out the image attachment process here.

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Hey Delbert, don't miss the pinned thread at the top of the page, with Lou's photo tutorial.

If you have any trouble, let us know...

'Lookin' forward to photos!!! ;)

OK, here's the one I mentioned. It's and 'End of the Day" twisted cane w/ aventurine in the navy blue stripe, encased in clear. The cane glows brightly under a blacklight.post-2519-126481225544_thumb.jpgpost-2519-126481227957_thumb.jpgpost-2519-126481233404_thumb.jpg

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