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Lowly (Humble?) Marbles Photo


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Happy February! (The sun came out for two minutes today!)

Here's a shot of some Megas.

Don't expect many will be drooling over them.

But getting some nice-looking brand new 1" marbles in the mail for 50 cents a pop seems well worth

the price of admission to me when so much entertainment is so expensive these days. ( :


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Hey you guys!

Glad there're some Mega people out there!

If I'm remembering correctly, the one on the left is a Red devil. A little snow might do him some good.

Went to a site I haven't seen for a while to see what Butterflies looked like, and saw a few things that I think I just have to have.

Luckily, since they're Megas, I won't have to give you the traditional sarcastic "THANKS A LOT!" :)

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