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Canton Show Thoughts


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I was able to attend the Canton show this year, although a short notice, I was not going to miss it. I am so thankful that I did. I have several young kids and young adults that I have helped build self confidence using marble collecting as the basis. One particular boy had a hard time getting through the Child Welfare system and getting grasp on his feelings trying to figure out why mom and dad did not wnat him or love him anymore. He was terrible, he was in fifth grade and alomst kicked out of school. I started meeting with him and working on a collection of marbles for him. He was so intereted that he wanted to do nothing but learn about marbles, his ability to use a computer was not good, not that mine are much better, yet together we learned and he now does research all the time. Within one year after starting I was happy to hear that he was selected to be the Sixth Grade Graduating class speaker. He is now in ninth grade and the Canton show was his first show. It was so unbelievable. You have to understand where this boy was and where he is today to know what two of the vendors at the show did for him and how it affected him.

One guy had a really nice silver Oxblood marble for $40.00. Richard pulled me aside and wanted to know if it was a good deal. I said to ask if the seller would take $35. He went to the table and in a shy unsure voice said, would you take $35.00. The seller asked him a few questions and knew that this was Richards first time and in a deep tone said, No, I'll let you have it for $30.00. To whomever this seller was "THANK YOU". We then made our way an hour later to a table where a seller had an onion skin, $20.00. The seller heard us talking and knew Richard only had $50 left, which took him awhile to collect ( Foster kids get no money from the foster parents), from working with/ for me and my wife. The seller said, hey if you by the onion skin for $20, I'll throw in this Indian handmade. WOW, it was a real nice one too. To this seller "THANK YOU"

Both of these sellers made a huge impression on Richard and for the four hour drive home I don't think he put them marbles away for more than five minutes. We had to stop and show a couple of his friends and his old foster parents and some others, the trip is now into ten hours, but well worth it!

This is the whole meaning of collecting, I truly enjoyed this show and it makes me proud to be part of such a group..Someday our old and worn out bodies will leave this earth to go to the marble land in the sky, I hope we all help someone younger to take over for us while we are gone.

Thanks for reading (God Bless)


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Marble collectors are wonderful people, that's why I enjoy this hobby so much!

Oh, sure, there are a few bad apples, but it's that way with everything.

I'm sure you can't put a price on the smile he had on his face!

We need to do whatever we can to promote this hobby, especially for the younger generation!

We need new collectors desperately! I attend many shows, have for years, and it seems

that nowdays nearly everyone is advanced and looking for the high-end killer stuff!

Seems nobody wants the low and midrange stuff, popeyes, lemonades, common german handmades, they just seem to sit there! If marbles ever caught on the way comic books or baseball cards did back in the 70s and 80s,

We would see prices starting to go back up again. So... give a neighbor kid some marbles, who knows,

someday he may be your best customer!

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