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How 'bout we give it a try. No conditions. Heck, we'd probably spend a week working out conditions anyway. Gentleman's agreement sort of thing. I'm game. I'd prefer to have fun here and not spend my time slingin' it. Anyway, I'd prefer spinning out whacky witticisms over sarcasm(cutting, bitter or caustic wit in case anyone wants a Webster's definition. I paraphrase). So, I'm going to go unilateral with this and see how long I can stand to do it. It should be for the better good. And no, I'm not going on vacation like some of you lucky stiffs heading out on the marble circuit so I'll be handicapped by having to stick around.

I have to tell this one. A year or so ago someone(I forget who) wanted one of the Salazar 'Moon and Star' marbles so I sold him one. Well, here it comes rolling back to me I guess with a wobble because he decided that it was out-of-round. Never before have I heard that about David's Moon and Star marbles and I usually buy them 10 at a time. I refunded the guy, of course, but wrote a note that I'd had it checked out by NASA with advanced micrometers and determined that it was in fact something to the 10th power out of whack. I let him know that the next time I was in California I would see to it that David Salazar was flogged to within an inch of his life. And I went on and on and on. Unfortunately I tossed the letter and just sent a refund check with my apologies. I'm going to have fun telling Salazar about this the next time I see him.


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