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How Big Is Big?


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Yes 13/16" is good. 7/8" is better but if it's a red slag that is worthy in all other respects then 13/16" is all that's necessary for it to be. That's a respectable Red Slag in anyones book. Red will almost always have a multiple in price factoring. I think Block lets you multiple by 3 the basic value already attributed to its size. And if the marble has any characteristics that allow it to rise above the normal you take that into consideration as well. We're talking Akro here aren't we? They go up to 1 1/4"

I think Christensen Red Slags have gone up to 1", I've had 7/8" and that's very nice. Galen would, of course, have the skinny on Christensen Red Slags. David

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Actually the CAC slags never really did it for me. I trade or sell most of them I get. I haven't seen a red 2 seamer over 7/8" And not positive the big one I saw wasn't German. And if they are red and handgathered I wouldn't be able to tell it wasn't Akro or Peltier. Here is a big ol orange that Dani now has.


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