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You Need To Be Reminded!

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Bring the rod Griff. I am only one mile from the Belleville dam on the OHIO.

I wanted to make the Cairo show, I found some Cairo marbles and I was looking to get some help with my Alley collection. :music-rocker-001: I have put together a couple hundred mibs that I need clarification on, (If they are Alley or not) I guess I'll have to do this later. I will be hunting pigs and turkey near Florida on May 1. I may be visiting Jim King this June for some camping and fishing. Would you mind me stopping over to talk Alley? Or maybe you could visit us, we'll be at Jim's property in Paden City. Does Jim have your phone number?

John Snyder (SNYD)

I really need some more direction on Alley............... :confused-smileys-327:

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