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Ravenswood Bags . . . Did You Guys See 'em?


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Of course, it said Ravenswood. Thank You Rick !!! This is the largest find ever of these that i know of. I like the ones that have the Paul Bunyan in them. I have been lucky in the past years to get some of these for $10.00 each,as no one was sure what they were. Wish i could do it again,more people are aware of them,but i did get one at the Canton show for $15.00. Even $30.00 is cheap for a original mesh bag and Ravenswood marbles. Many of the marbles in these bags are the exact same as some Alleys.

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Thanks Steph and Ron ! Glad i could share these with folks ,i was lucky finding these ,and David ,Ron and Al all helped to ID these Thanks again !(thought at first they were fantasy bags but they looked like Ravenswood )Sold all but one intact bag and one opened bag .Taking pictures now of 4 more and the one left and the open bag from original post,probably the last ones i will sell.I think one is sold already it will be bag 1 in new post in for sale section,THANKS again all ! Rick :)

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