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Marble King Hybrid Cats


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Marble king has regularly been turning out some interesting marbles other than Industrial. Fairly recently I got from Ron Shepherd and Mike Johnson these sets of five different colored marbles that they said were named Candy Stripes or Candy Canes. Nice. Plain and simple but nice. They do not yet appear to be on the contracted run bandwagon but who knows what might be in their future considering how well it has turned out for Jabo. Just conjecture.....David

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yup i dont know if theyre makin anything now except industrials but they do run marbles...i think theyre makin some improvements to some tanks and machines and they did have some mechinical problems....plus they may be expanding to the adjacent industrial park ...in fact the bulidings at the industrial park are in disrepair and there is some improvements beign made...these marbles were prob made in the past year or so...

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