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German Wisplers


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Felicia asked about a marble I called a Wispler in a previous thread. Actually I spelled it with an H in it but whatever. The name Wispler was termed by a board member Roger more than a few years ago. Where is that guy? Anyhow it's a fitting name for collectors who like to put names to things. I think that this name has stuck. Here are a few examples. I though I had more but this was all I could find? There is also a version that is opaque but I don't have any right now. Anyone have any to show.

There is a thread in the I.D section that has a nice selection as well.



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Felicia just sent me three of these and they are most definitely the marble that Castle & Peterson identify in their cat's-eye book as European Cage-Style Fat Cores. Some have fat cores and some don't. Some are like Multi-Vaned Cage-Style. I have always considered them an exceptionally beautiful style of cat's-eye and have some from the very same lot that are pictured in the Castle & Peterson book. David

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