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marble chat board .. or an adult chat site .. the reason i ask is , .. i was looking at the marble chat page, and .. har .. my 10 yr. old grandson pointed out the thread on the 1" guinea. now what was i gonna say to this boy to explain. trying to remember i took him here to see some fine glass and stuff ??? well .. i just lied a bit, and changed the channel. now ... my question is to the Moderatores on this site ... why in the world wasn't this thread about "bitching" about a BAD seller put on the " squabble" page ???? ... out of the main area ... hey .. children sometimes come here to learn and see the marbles ????

i'm all for puttin the bad boys up and out in front, but with the words and insuations used, hey .. i can handle it , BUT,NOT MY KIDS ... do i have to " check out" the chat page.. every time i want to bring a little one on ???

sure need to know what's up here .... bill

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It's an adult marble chat site.

PG-13 at least.

It's been discussed whether the board should be G-rated or PG-rated, or something else.

Some efforts were made to try to make it be more childsafe, but this didn't sit well with all the members or even all the mods.

The concensus seems to be that this board was supposed to be less restrictive than that.

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I'd have to say that it got ratcheted up a bit in the Thread and I did participate although not in the more over-the-top aspects of it. This is a tough one actually. I could live with 'R.' X or XXX, well you know where to go for that. Otherwise, to tone it down too much might just stifle some of our creative instincts. I go here because it can be fun and I'll admit I enjoy being edgy in the cause of good intentions. I would say that m!b$ was righteously provoked by this seller and I hardly blame her for teeing off on the person. All of this though has no value unless someone steps up to the plate and makes a formal report to eBay. Please see my post just now on m!b$ Thread where I suggest what to do and the possible consequences of doing it. David

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