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Ot A D-Day Tribute

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I would like to pay tribute to all World War II Veterans on this day June 6... It was June 6 1944 the US invaded the shores of France... It was also the day that thousands so courageously gave their lives... I salute you all WWII Vets, and may "The Lord" be with you...

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I attended a memorial service for a WWII vet, yesterday...

I don't know what area of the service he originally served in... But, as an avid skier, he became an associate member of the (Original) Tenth Mountain Division Association...

If he'd had a choice, he'd have served with the Tenth... And, he'd have been damned good at it!!

He became one of my Dad's best friends and meant a lot to all of us....

I was moved by the flower stand... Made from his last pair of skis...

By chance, my first trip back to Colorado in 20 years, was Ed's last (2008)... I can attest to the fact that, even at 89 years old, he burned the wax on these skis!!! LOL


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