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Even A Blind Squirrel

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Good to know Brian, There is even a little of what looks like Ox in it.(see pic) I was questioning whether it was even a melted pontil because the cutoff looked a bit like a reject machine made twist but the soot around the cutoff convinced me.

Scott, I am not positive which one you mean but it may be a Blackie. There were several, some black and some purple middle bands. Also found some of these what I guess are Vacors Black based mibs



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Galen........may be am wrong but think Brian is talking about the 4th marble from the left top row in this pic.

The marble i asked about is in the other big pic red/black cork bottom of pic left of that count 4 marbles up.

Will agree the marbles in post #4 are new.

Do not see a pontil on the marble in post #12.


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Here is cut off on the one I was talking about. I guess I haven't had enough coffee cause I still can't figure out which marble you mean Scott. But when pulling out the corks to try and figure it out I found the best(Pattern,not condition) Pelt broken cork I have ever had. It is the one on the left. One seam is a bit off but the other seam is a near perfect match.




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In ur first small (group) picture - the marble to the left of the blue(third pic.) just posted.


appears to be a melted pontil.

lol(sal) If you know that, my bad, so do i lol(sal) it was pointed out




this un

IMG_0072 640.jpg


e2: glad for the pic. on the white/blue one beside it, you have already posted above, was curious on it.


tupelo: Istmmrbls

How bout a money shot on that one? (better pics)

tupelo: to the poster below

(sal): smiling a little/lot just not (LOL)

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Man, the closer I look the more it is now appearing as a melted pontil. It wraps like a handgather and the glass really looks like some of Leightons, here are some more pics. Brian, I will bring it to Canton in August.




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