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(1" Run) Just How Rare They Are


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This just in from Mr Witcher (main investor) about recent What a Tribute Run...

Two of the most important variables in determining value of a marble are rareity and beauty of the marble. The attached photos do the talking for the beauty of the marbles Dave, Ronnie and Richard made at the Jabo plant on Monday and Tuesday, May 24 and 25, 2010, in the "What A Tribute Run". As for the rareity, a relatively smal percentage of this run survived without damage or cold rolls. Fenton batched three tons of white milk glass for the base used in this run. Chemicals were added to produce a yellow base the first day and a light blue base the second day. We had slighlty over a ton of waste glass in the bin at the end of the run due to problems with heat regulation in the furnace. Of the two tons of glass remaining, approximately 50% to 60% resulted in cold rolls, cracks and other damage. If you do the math on the one ton of good glass made into perfect marbles, that works out to about 80 cases split between the investors (2,000 lbs divided by 25 lbs. per case). Assuming 250 to 270 marbles per case, which is typical for a 1" run, that means only 20,000 to 25,000 total good marbles were produced. This is a small percentage of what the typical 3/4" run has historically produced. As a result, there are some of the prettiest families in this run with only 50 -100 of each available. The 1" gold lutz Superman we were trying to produce resulted in less than 200 with gold lutz and 200 without gold lutz being split between the partners.

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