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Oops, M.f.c. Dropped His Marbles -- Again!

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How about a new nickname for some MFC marbles?

AKRON, Jan. 13, 1917—M. F. Christensen, president and general manager of the M. F. Christensen and Son company, manufacturers of glass marbles, was ordered late yesterday to pay his wife $10 weekly temporary alimony pending the hearing of their divorce suit. Mrs. Esta Ellena Christensen filed the divorce action charging cruelty and neglect.

Attorney M. Schultz, Cleveland attorney for Mrs. Christensen, charged the evidence would show Christensen's fondness for other women. He said Christensen frequently kissed his stenographer "good night" and that he was known to have dropped marbles on the floor and then grasp her knee while he stooped to pick them up. On another occasion, Shultz said, Christensen's stenographer lifted her dress to show him her new garters. Christensen's attorney said Mrs. Christensen hired women detectives to trail her husband.

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So sad. (lol funny but sad)

That wasn't actually M.F. Christensen. That was Charles, of "& Son" fame.

Martin had passed away in 1915.

Charles died in 1922. I do not know how the divorce case turned out. Never saw a notice of it being finalized. But haven't searched public records or the Akron paper. ??? In AMMM it says that he passed away before everything was settled with closing the corporation. Says his sister Jessie "took over full responsibilities, including seeing to it that Charles wife and daughter were taken care of throughout their lives."

ooh, reading AMMM some more and just learned that Jessie "played a significant role throughout the life of the company". Girl power! :D

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