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YIKES!!! Rich, I've been so focused on the mechanics of this thing, I completely forgot to say...

That letter E is AWESOME!!!

When I first opened the gallery, that was the first one that got my attention!! :music-rocker-001:

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Hey Rich, we haven't gotten a vote from you!!!

Do you know you can vote?? Yep, you can!!! ;)

Thanks to those who have voted!!!

If the rest of you have a moment to check out some awesome artwork, before or after the fireworks, please feel free to send in a vote for your 10 top favorites and the 2 categories of

Best use of Color & Most likely to become a Family Heirloom

Voting closes on July 4th @ midnight PST (That give us in EST til 3 am!!)

This contest generates some big money for these artists...

In the past, the first place winner has walked away with as much as $2,000.00!!!

How cool is that??? :music-rocker-001:

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