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Let Me Tell Ya A Story About A Couple Friends Of Mine

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I may be judgemental on some certain subjects and for that i apologize for voicing it like i do, but there are a couple of guys out there that need a little recognition for sharing with a friend but for no other reason other than just to say here you go this is just because,,,,,, it helps heal my heart to know that there still is unselfishness out there in a compasionate enough way to put a smile on a middle age old fart like me face, to them i say a big thank you and ide give you a hug big john style (ie:,,in a totaly hederosexual way of course :) )

Duffytrash,, Steve, sent me some of the new Jabo mibs, much more in trade than i sent him,actually im feeling like i short changed you my friend,, ive been trying to find the right words to say Steve sorry for the delay, its not everyday i get a package from a long time friend with a bunch of smiles in it, I will always enjoy them and keep them in view.

Mike Barton- aka migbar,, Dude, you amaze me, i was pleasently surprise to open my po box the other day with a box from California, i said huh?, it wasnt until i opened up the box to find 2 of the best looking contemps ive seen in a long time,, to you i say a big thank you and another big john hug, all this because number one , he just said he felt the urge to say hi , with a couple of round smiles,, im speachless again, im no good at expressing them kind of feelings very good but you need to know, you broke the big guy, awesome folks on this marble forum, i love ya all, despite our small differences,,, what a hobby,, thanks again,, bj

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big john...i think it was a fair trade in lotsa ways....the mibs you sent were killer and i haint ever seen a windshield....they were all kewl mibs the masters were killer,too....the bear character marble made me think of you the second i saw it!!!...i knew youve been havin a ruff time and we haint communicated in awhile so i thought you might need a pick-me-up....hang in there bro.....enjoy!!!!

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