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Just popping on to introduce myself. I've been collecting marbles for about 15 years now (I'm 24, so that's a significant amount of time for me), but never bothered joining any boards up until now. I've lost all of my connections with the marble community recently, though (lost interest/moved away/died), so it's time to find a new group, methinks.

I'll likely be asking for info on some marbles in the near future; I know most of what I have, but there are a few that I'm unsure of.

You can find photos of my collection here (I'm too lazy to upload it all again):


Excluding the contemporaries, three of the sulphides, and maybe a dozen cheaper machine-made marbles, I have never spent money on individual marbles before. My collection is almost entirely from jars in antique stores– the excitement of finding a good jar in a store is much more entertaining for me than going to a show and knowing exactly what I can get. Much cheaper too. Because I have no moneys. This means that my marbles are generally not in the hundreds-of-dollars range, so don't expect to be floored by anything (still waiting to pull a 4-colored flame from a jar).

I also recently inherited a load of marbles from my coach (Mrs. Helen Mohr; if any of you are involved in the national tournament, you'll know exactly who she is). She kept the top marbles for herself, but had to get rid of the vast majority, so I got a pretty decent set from her. Just to give credit where it's due.

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I can't exactly upload all 53 images at full size on here, but here's a small selection from them.






Dr. trj, I don't know how you manage to be on the internet without being on facebook, but I commend you for it. Most people (like me) gave in long ago.

Rich (or anybody else), if there's a particular marble you want to see some more images of, let me know.

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welcome to the board!!!! nice stuff! (I don't belong to facebook either Terry. LOL! my kids do, but I banned them from going there on my computer because of all the crap that tried to download from the site. malware, spyware etc.)


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I got kinda sidetracked by the Squarbles. lol

I love the squarebles so much! Those ones are from my coach; they thing got pretty well damaged during a basement flood, and it was in the trashcan when I found it. She was nice enough to let me reach in and pull the soaked thing out. It's pretty well ruined, and has no collectible value, but it's nice to have something unique like that. I wish I could try it out, but without the packaging, nobody'd know what they are.

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Yeah, those trophies are all from the glory days. I stopped playing once I was too old for the nationals (fourth place my last year, which wasn't bad considering the level of play that year). I'm still involved with the nationals, and plan on starting up a group some day. But I think my playing days are over. I wouldn't hold a candle at the US tourney.

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