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Anyone Ever Seen Something Like This ?


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I have had this for about 15 years now and havnt been able to find any info on them the 4 objects go in this container , no makers mark that i have found , any info would be great. Also I would like to also apologize to anyone that i may have offended without going into details, and i look forward to absorbing as much knowledge as i can from all of you ! Welcome Dave :)

Thanks , Carriepost-2434-128415450296_thumb.jpgpost-2434-128415448805_thumb.jpgpost-2434-128415448087_thumb.jpgpost-2434-128415447375_thumb.jpgpost-2434-128415446344_thumb.jpg


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lol hippie era 1970's on both the pot and the beads. rich is totally right... used for macrame.. again 1970's. I used to macrame hanging glass tables, had tons of those beads.. yep I'm old!

the pot was typically used for dried flowers or herbs, decorative uses.

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