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Question On Marble Machine Research


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Hey folks, I'm finishing up some research and I couldn't answer the following questions from Dean Six's book, the marble society library or my own research. When you lay it all out, the following gaps appear:

1. The year that Alley sold to Corning the machine that Davis later bought?

2. What happened to the Christensen Agate machines?

3. The year that the Ravenswood machine was sold to Bogard?

4. The year that the Ravenswood machine was sold to Champion?

5. The year the 3/8" machine was traded by Bogard to Marble King? And what he got in return?

6. What happened to the Jackson, Davis or Playrite machines?

7. What happened to the Master Glass machinery?

8. Are the Champion machines still onsite?

9. What happened to the Mid-Atlantic machinery?

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