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Found Some In The Wild Today


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This represents the best and most decent marbles i have found other than ebay in about two years, mot of them are not mint and obviously alot of bennies, and this is only half of them. but the lot was only 30.00 and i got a NM+ 5/8" peltier superman, a nice 7/8" corn husk, some nice salgs and corks. also what I think is a mint CAC american agate. I a wondering about the red one in with the benningtons, i think it is a Bennington or a nice glazed baked clay.



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Thanks its been awhile scince I found some that had anything decent, The guy had 2 bags 1 with all the bennys, and another with a mixture of akros and swirls which I havent even shown ya, he said 5 bucks a bag, I quickly said OK, so I thought I was done, buutt In another area I saw 2 more bagswith the superman glowing like a million watt candle, so I said are these also 5.oo each, he said no they aresome we have had for awhile they are 10 dollars a bag, well ok. as I quickly left the flea market to look at them closer.

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