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Couple Favorites From Vegas!


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It was a great 4 days and a fun show but I will leave that for another day. wacko.gif Here are 4 of my favorites.

First an oxblood gound single pontil


An Akro with Aventurine


A Ravenswood unlike I have ever seen! This marble can only be described as SIC!


And last but not least my first and long searched for Champion Furnace! ohmy.gif


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Thanks guys, I might post a few more in this thread over the next couple days.

Al....missed ya at the show. That Ravens is even better in hand.....um that might be just because it is in my hand. lol

Rich, man you should have said something I had a couple cases full and would have been happy to show ya.

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LOL! Sorry Ann. Steve....likewise, never realized that was your avatar and screen name. lol

Rich, I think you got it backwards....I would have had to read your mind to know you wanted a look. lol

Anyway here are a few fun ones, I had a pretty good time if ya can't tell.


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