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My Vegas Scores!


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First of all I want to thank Ernie, Dani and Lee for a wonderful show again! I had a blast! Sorry it has taken me so long to post these! I am busy following up my Sema leads! I have taken a lot of pictures of the show but I have sent them to Dani to post. She caught a terrible cold at the marble show so I tried to take pictures of everybody for her. Dani still is not feeling to good ,but she will post them soon! I met a few marble collectors that I had not met before! I spent some time with jeeperman Paul. It was really nice to meet him! What a fun and nice guy! Also had a lot of fun with Ernie, Dani and Steve n2marbles one night gambling a little! I was surprized that Rich santa clause made it to Vegas! What a great guy! Always has a big smile! Always nice to see Galen, his tummy hurt after the Rio buffet! But I bet it was worth it! Got to see the box that Terry Lundeen found! WOW! Dani has the pictures of it. Sure did miss Al this year! It was a great show! Thanks

Ernie, Dani, and Lee!




Peltier Superman


Black and Red Peltier Zebra both are 13/16


Peltier Clown


Alot of Peltiers!


This is a beautiful marble Akro lemonade cork! 3/4 They usally do not cork!


Clear Peltiers


Peltier Mustard and Katsup







A bunch of Vitro's

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Hi gang, I am still looking for the number of that truck,(the one that ran over me).. will be posting pictures soon. thanks to paul, windy and matthew for helping me so much with the pictures! really appreciated!!


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Looking good Dani! Hope you are feeling better! Paul is right about being a trooper! You did good but I knew you felt really bad! Thank you glangley and Paul! I am very pleased with the marbles I got!Paul you got some nice ones too! I had a really nice time! Good marbles, Great people, what more could we ask for! Well maybe more money for more marbles????? :wub:

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