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I recognize that not everybody here has played marbles, but I must admit that I'm surprised that this topic has been up for a while and nobody's actually posted a picture. There are others here who have played, yes?

That poor marble of mine has seen better days to be sure. But a shooter that shows no damage is a shooter that hasn't been used. O_O

I have an amythest shooter somewhere that I used to shoot at a WV competition once. I had to buy it there because I had forgotten to bring this one. I'm glad of it too, because at the end of the tournament, it had a massive amount of damage. The problem? The rings were raised two feet above the ground, and had no backstop. The rule is that you were to try to catch the other person's marble, but that could be very hard to do sometimes.

I'll have to see if I can find it anywhere. It makes the shooter I posted look flawless.

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I don't remember when and where I posted this shot, so sorry if it's a repeat.

But these are my two favorite 'shooters' and I do remember that it was gratifying to show them.

What with all those 'seeking perfection' out there, it was nice to find that there

were other people who thought that old warrior marbles had a special beauty of their own.


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