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Blizzard Mica? Contemp, Remelt, Original, Polished?????


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Hey guys and gals!

I recently picked up this blizzard mica and was wondering what everyone thought of it?? The marble measures a little over 1 1/2" and it has a translucent blue core shrunk inside the mica. The pontils on it are still there but I believe they have been remelted with a tourch?? They are unlike the traditional german pontil. The marble also has a lot of "orange peel" on the surface, would remelting the marble cause this?? What does everyone think?? Is it an old shrunking onion with mica that has been remelted? Or is a good example of a contemporary marble made to look old?? Thanks for the help!!






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The blue in the marble is alot darker than the pictures show. The light makes it look much brighter. The blue core reminds me of a jelly core that is sometimes seen in german handmades. I picked this marble up off ebay on a chance. The picture was bad and I was "told" they got it in an estate sale quite a few years ago? LOL

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I am not sure it's a newer marble because of two major things:

1) the punty mark is not like the ordinary punty mark left by a glass or metal holding rod that I see when I make my marbles. This one seems to have a slight twist as if it were cut off like in the older days.

2) the orange peel on the surface (if I am seeing that correctly) is too consistent to be made using today's equipment. the molds will leave chill marks but not in that pattern of orange peel look.

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I would not rule out a redo. The main reason I believe it to be new work is I have never(unless dug)seen a marble of this stature with such funky unfinished pontils. The surface also looks wrong to me.

I agree about the surface. But that one photo looks to show a discolored section of the clear glass. Just wondering if it isn't a patch job and the "fixer" fudged up the surface.

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