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Christmas Tree


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Well, it took many years of searching, but I finally found a Christmas Tree I could afford!

Meaning both the marble and the very 'Charlie Brownish' tree you can see a little of in the background.

The marble is 5/8 of an inch of pure 'ex-spraypaint agitator' condition-wise, but I still like it.

Also sneaking in an O.T. shot of one of my critter buddies.

Wishing everyone happy holidays, Bob ( :



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Thanks, guys!

I'm hoping to take some close-up shots soon to

get a better look at everything. Probably should

have positioned the green upwards in this shot to

even out the exposure better. Couldn't expose

much more in-camera without the snow (excuse the

street slang!) 'going all clorox on my butt'.

Good old film was more forgiving with highlight

exposures than most digital equipment. B)

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