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Today I had Christmas a couple days early, with the best 'mail-day' of the year.

Always a gamble to buy things 'in-hand unseen', but got lucky with these two

recently, and both showed up today. Think they're my best buys of the year.

Will be taking better photos soon. Too late for natural light today.

Here's a truly spectacular Jabo Blood Viper (or Cobra or Cyclone) and an

Akro 'Three Toed Nappy", and if you've never heard of those you're not alone.

(Although Edna probably has!) The etched rings you see around the inward-

slanting rim go all the way down the outside. And the tiny amber glows at the

very tips of the 'toes' (what a poet!) are really there. Like Moonie glass.

Happy Holidays to everyone! Bob


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Nice.....and especially the way you caught that glow. Did those have lids? I recall seeing those in the Hardy's back room Museum with the rings and I thought they had lids but then I was mainly concentrating on the marbles......mind blower enough! Cool Cobra! Could call it a 'Horseshoe Cobra!' I think the five main distinct varieties from the Joker II Oxblood Series (7-27-2008) were the Cobra, the Blue Cobra, the Sub-Marine, the Brick and the Wire Pull. The Investor participants stayed away from also utilizing the Cyclone name I believe figuring they'd already pretty much invaded ancient oxblood territory not that it held back anyone possessing the marbles subsequently. Cool......David

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Sorry, Bob, I don't get it. That doesn't really look like it would be an effective diaper for one amphibian, much less three. :character-smileys-238:

Bad Stephanie. Merry Christmas Bob! And if you want to enlighten me about nappies, I'd love it. :D

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Wow. I've never heard proper names for this group before, other than the marble in question.

I'd sure like to see a Blue Cobra! I don't think I have any of those or the Sub-Marines.

My favorite run, and it never occurred to me to confirm whether I had examples of all the different

'models'. Kind of embarrassing, but exciting to know I have a few more marbles to find!

As I understand it, there are 'Type 1' and 'Type 2' "Concentric Ring Powder Jars",

and the Type 1's were known as Three Toed Nappies. Pretty certain that's what I have, although the

pictures I've seen of both types don't show the distinctions well. It should have a lid. Think

the Type 2's are a little bigger, have a smooth band around the rim, and didn't have lids.

They're also much rarer. Happy 'Eve' to all! ( :

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