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Peltier Windshield marbles revisited


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I got me one of those mysterious Pelt winshield marbles today in the mail. Excellent marble. The base of course is clear, I mean crystal clear. the band wrapping the marble is yellowish orange with a touch of red. I like it so well that I'm working on a deal to get enough to backfill a Pelt jobber box that I got in the mail today. Thanks John.

Some background on the marbles and how they got thier name. My friend ran a newspaper ad years ago in central IL. A former Peltier factory worker contacted him about the ad. Long story short several coffee cans of marbles were purchased from this employee. In this can were Pelt honey onyx, clear rainbos, two color clear rainbos(experimental never sold to the public, I showed a picture of mine a few weeks back) and several other experimental types one of which is this windshield marble. The emplyee is the one that called this a windshield marble because of the window in the center of the marble.

Hope this answers some questions about this marble.




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awesome story, and cool marbles!

did you learn anything about the honey onyx? like, time frame, or anything else?

i've read that they were hand gathered somewhere, which makes no sense at all to me. they look like they fall in the peerless patch family, almost an acme realer, even.

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It's my impression that Honey Onyx as a type-set were produced in the late 1930s or more likely early 1940s... Rainbo-type, I'm not convinced they are even as old as the Acme Realers.

However, I am positive that this color combination was mfg'd as a preNLR/preRainbo (c.1927-29). I've/seen several variations on these from the earlier days but honestly can't remember if I've/seen any which I thought were "handgathered". I no longer have access to a certain some-one's examples, and I can't ask her. I would assume that there are some handgathered 'honey onyx' but doubt they were called that by the company.


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This is my first post on this forum. I was reading the posts and saw this one on the Peltier "Windshield" marbles, which prompted me to dig out the ones I have. I also got mine from a guy who got them from a Peltier worker. I also got one loose in a batch from an ebay auction.

I hope the 3 pic's show up here. Really nice forum you have here. Lots of information. I have been collecting marbles for some time with handmade marbles being the majority of my collection.



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