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My Favorite Jabo Mibs

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Ok Rich, you asked for more participation...

I must say that all the marbles you show here are exactly the type that I avoid. I don't like any of those color schemes, if they even have color schemes. I usually don't like pastels, or lots of white, prefer deep primary colors, and usually not too many colors in one marble. Don't like clear bases, prefer flames to swirls, don't usually like lutz. Must have a busy pattern all over.

Ok, I'll go back where I came from now :)

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Oh no, please stay...lol. Not everyone has to like the same flavor in marbles - I like them ALL but these are just my fav Jabos. I plan on starting a thread on my favorite hybrid cateye marbles and pelts and vitros, and on and on and on. So, please stay and play marbles with me...lol


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Definitely also in favor of a happy 'to each his own' co-existence! :)

But it seems to me that m!b$'s preferences aren't as different from Rich's as they might first appear.

If you consider the entire range of Jabo designs, I'm thinking that Rich seems to tend toward marbles

that you wouldn't call conservative, but aren't at the super-busy extreme end either.

Glad to see my favorite clear base Ace in there!

Hope m!b$ didn't mean to include that as far as not liking transparent marbles,

since everyone knows that's one of the greatest marbles of all time! :D

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