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Enormous Marble Collection At Auction!


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Another enormous collection being sold at auction in New Philly, Ohio Saturday March 12th, 2011


well I bet that the house will be full a lot of items I would be interested in but no way of getting there wish they did the on line biding . Mike

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I hope to be there,along with the others. It may be a packed house.

On no ! I thought I could sneak in and get some cool mibs to show you at Sistersville, I'll ware a mask....................You'll not know who I am. I hate to bid against friends......but all is fair in fishing, hunting and marble collecting. I do want to talk to you about maybe camping at one of your farms. Kim and I just love the WV area and want to camp this summer down that way. See you at the action, I may be getting there friday night, when are you coming in?


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