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"9's" And Long Tails


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both of these have "tails" which start at the top, swirl around the marble, and end back up over the "9".

this on is 13/16" and although it has a crease type pontil, it appears to have been made of a higher quality of glass than what i'm used to seeing in the foreign types (if that makes sense).


this one is 1 1/4" and is very, very, dark purple. it has a melted pontil but appears to be made of the softer type glass like the german made clambroths (again, if that makes sense).



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I'm not sure what you mean.

Do you mean with crease pontil the spidery Japanese ones?

Most of the spidery cut-offs have less quality glass and not so nice patterns but the difficulty is that some of them have good quality glass and very nice nine's.

The marbles in this picture have all good quality glass and nice patterns but all of them have different cut-off's,

spidery-short straight lines-long straight lines and pin point,or no cut-off at all (totally smooth)

The blue-white one in the middle has the tail swirling around the marble and almost ends at the nine.

I have a few transi's where the tail ends in the nine

Again i'm not sure if this answered your question.



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