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Jabo Wvmcc Run


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The blue lines are rainbow pixie sticks-translation---differant color kugler pieces that I torched and pulled "cat whiskers".

I did some test shots with what material I had ready.Marblegirl has a good one listed right now,that has lots of color.See if I can post it.

The loaded marble was just that,Me"playing" around with the pixie sticks,in the stream.

I dumped the little I had left,in,on top of the shear,after the real testing,just to see what would happen.Every little thing I do,leads me to the next.

Cant be fixed,because it belongs on my "memory shelf".At least now I got 2 pieces-------LOL------dough------BAH HA HA HA!

Thanks to David,(and everyone else)for every opportunity.I wanna help make pretty marbles!!!Every time I get to play,I consider it a once in a lifetime thing.

Now where is that dang graphite rod I ordered?,,,,Oops,,,,that another "project",,,,

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