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You all stay careful and safe. My wife and I are going on a long driving vacation starting Friday and returning on 15 Aug. From Southern California to Texas first leg. I get to play in Texas for a few weeks while she and my step-daughter go to Ireland. Then on July 10th, we head north to Canada, over to Maine and to Ohio where I get to see machine made marbles being made. Then back home. You bet I have all my cameras and lenses!

See you all when I get back!


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Make sure you fill up your gas tank before coming up here to Canada. At $1.30 a liter it's sorta scary. The exchange rate on your money can't save you anymore either. Back when you would get 30% on a dollar are gone. I still can't get used to our money being worth more that yours.

That being said, sounds like your going to have a blast.

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Last one. By the way, on the way to Texas In needed a leg stretch break. I saw an antique store so my wife and I went in. I saw about 20 little plastic bags with 3 marbles in each bag, ll labeled "old marbles." I bought 2 packages. Matt told me I had bought a $40 Christmas marble! I feel SO lucky!!!!!

Also, when we finished the Zoo, we went to a local antique mall with over 100 vendors where we found mny god marbles that we bought!

When I get home in Aug, I'll post pix of my finds at the mall.

Thanks for looking at my pictures.


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