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Weighty Matter

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At first glance you might think this is something coming out of the sea in search of food.


But it is merely a harmless old weight in search of a door (to stop).


This monster is six inches wide!! Over 18 inches around. Here is the bottom. Enjoy!


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Here are some comparison pics which show a slight resemblance to John Sr.'s weights. The comparison weight is about 3 1/4" wide and a 3" tall and was made by 'Pop' St. Clair.

John Sr. (Pop) St. Clair died in 1958 (the same year I was born :cool-smileys-262: ) and left five boys to carry on the glassworks, with Joe St. Clair being the most prolific. The boys had six sisters as well but one died very young.

Anyway, you can see the mechanics of both are about the same. The pink/white colors are about the same. And the five flowers, which I always thought represented the five boys, are about the same. The ground base is a bit different is all.

Someone has suggested some outside help on these and I will let you know what I find out.

Don't you just love glass? :music-rocker-001:





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You might try dropping a note to Gary McClanaham. His id on eBay is photo. I've dealt with him for about 20 years as both a buyer and a seller, and found him to be very knowledgable. He's written several books on paperweights, including the definitive text on Perthshire.

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Thank you very much Mr. Block. I did contact Mr. McClanaham, and if I may paraphrase, he said it seems that with these Mid-west weights (Indiana/Ohio/West Virginia) if it's not signed it's really only a guess as to who made it.

He went on to say that it was possibly something the OLDER St. Clairs, Degenharts, Gentiles might have made, and probably first half of the 20th century, or even very late 1890s to 1940s/50.

He also said that a few similar weights were made in Bohemia (early 1900), but the badly crackled surface on the Morning Glory and the pink color might be from Fowlerton (B F Leach Co, 1896-1900 Fowlerton Indiana).

Ultimately, his bottom line was "NOBODY KNOWS" for sure unless there is a paper trail through a family.

Many thanks to Gary McClanaham for his lettered response.

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