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Weird Find In Europe


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Just returned from a 10 day trip to Europe. Here's an image of what has to be the weirdest thing (or creepiest thing) I have ever found in my searches over there. The bottom is porcelain, marked with an N symbol. I'm pretty sure it is French. The mouse and marble are glass and I am pretty sure they are Italian. I found it in an antique market over there. Luckily it only cost me 5 euros. :rolleyes:


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I got a pair right from the artist when I was at a bead and button show , got a lot of my marble trade beads at the button and bead shows . he was in states just to do the bead show in Milwaukee and just happen to brought two marbles , the only one so just had to have . Tried his web sight but nothing there now . Mike

I guess it was good as he is very well named for his beads and he said he made a few only .







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