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Arnold Fiedler Timeline


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Just starting to collect information.

The 1900 census says he was born in April 1848 but gives his age as 42. So the 1848 looks like an error. Later censuses place his birth in the 1850's. Some variation.

1887, 1888?: Immigrated to the U.S.

June 11, 1900: Living in Tiffin City, Ohio, per census. His occupation is given as glass blower but it looks like he might have been unemployed for the past 5 months if I'm reading the form correctly.

1903: General Manager of the Buckeye Glass Company factory in Malta, Ohio

1910: Worked at (was proprietor of?) a hotel in Cambridge, Ohio.

1917: Returned to the glass business, working for Akro

1919: laborer, no company name given (in Clarksburg, WV, I presume - mental note: confirm with Brian - lol I'm sure that was it but ....)

1921: Clerk, Akro Agate

1923: chemist , no company name given.

Source: Thread from Land of Marbles. Find link again. Note: 20233

1920: Identified as chemist in census

Sept. 1923: Left Akro, where he was employed as a Glass Maker, per the testimony of J. F. Early at the Peltier/Akro Apellate Trial in 1926. Additional: Early also stated in his testimony that he saw Fiedler at Peltier during their inspections (of the Miller machines) of May 1925 and April 1926.

Sept. 15, 1924: Signed two-year contract to work at Peltier. Fiedler's home is given as Hamburg, New York at the time of the signing.

Fiedler is to start on or about Oct. 15, 1924. He is hired as a Glass Maker and foreman with a special duty of bringing other Peltier workers up to speed on the art of hand gathering marbles and other spherical glass items.

The contract appears to have been extended for one year. Fiedler's pay is a healthy $100 a month from 1924 - 1927, more even than than Sellers Peltier. His residence in Ottawa, Illinois is given in company records and Internal Revenue documents for 1926 and 1927. The $5200 salary recorded for 1927 suggests that he stayed through the end of the year. There was a payroll check canceled on March 31, 1928 but no indication of the date when the check was written. It is thought to be from 1927.

Source: Private collection

Late 1920's?: A 1987 article by Jeff Carskadden and Mark Randall tells of information found in the Degenhart Museum in Cambridge which says that Fiedler owned the Christensen Agate Company for some unknown length of time. The information was provided by Elliot Pattison who was said to have been Fiedler's chauffeur when he was 14 or 15 years old. He recalls receiving a gift of marbles from Fiedler when he was in the hospital with appendicitis.

1930: In Aurora, Illinois, per census. No employment stated.

Death: ?


1. Jeff Carskadden and Mark Randall. "The Christensen Agate Company, Cambridge, Ohio, 1927-1933", Muskingum Annals, Number Four, pp. 48-52. Zanesville, OH: The Muskingum Valley Archaelogical Society, 1987.

2. J. W. Corter. Henry Hellmers' Secret Batch Book of Glass Formulae. Sandy, UT: Ignaeous Glassworks, 2011. I don't have this yet but some have made it sound like it could have useful information.

3. Ralph K. Lucht. Arnold Fiedler: Glass & Marble Maker Par Excellence. AuthorHouse: 2007. I have only incorporated a couple of small details from this book. I'm still considering how to best make use of it. Some of the material is still under debate but some looks like it could be helpful. Decisions are complicated by a lack of a bibliography.

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