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Czech Fortune Telling Ball/marble

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Hello there,

I have recently aquired a glass 32 sided dimpled ball and after much searching and many thanks to this site was able to ID it as a; Czech fortune Ball. It would originally have been boxed with instructions per link to topic 7005 below. Sadly, though the ball is in great shape I have no instructions.



The second thread really caught my eye, in which one member states:-

"Someone, not TOO long ago, posted the fortune sheet that goes with these...Somewhere, stashed away around here, I have an old original box with pretty beat-up fortune sheet.... I'd post a picture, but I'm not sure where it is and I'm working towards getting out of here to the Northeast show...The premise of the game was to roll the number ball and the fortune that matched the number showing on top, was your fortune..."

I would dearly love to find the post containing the sheet so I could play with the ball but I have had no luck searching for it. Any assistance to finding a copy of one of these sheets would be gratefully received.

Tracy, UK.

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Soembody scanned this severla years ago and posted and I beleive I saved on an old pc of mine that crashed on me. I plan on recovering hard drive for access to pictures etc so if I do will post here. I have bought an auxiliary drive now so will not happen again in future.


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