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Following some of the discussions is intimidating..seems like there is a lot more to this than collecting pretty marbles. I just started a collection, and find it fascinating. My interest is in handmade marbles, probably because I also collected vintage bottles. I am reading a lot and watching videos on YouTube. I can't make the Oct 2 show in Mass this year, but will try to get to shows next year. I think the best way to learn is to talk to long time collectors at shows. There are no clubs active in Central New York. Any suggestions on good books to get started with the lingo?

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"Much To Learn".... You got that one right! Not long ago, I generally thought marbles were mostly all alike, just different colors and patterns, but little that really distinguished one from another. HA! Boy, was *I* living up to my Marble Novice name! I've learned enough here to know that, in the scheme of things, I still don't know nuthin'! I will add, however, that while a few days ago I was ready to ... well, I don't know what I was ready to do with them all, I'm now really starting to enjoy the challenge and appreciate them for their uniqueness.


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