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Fort Worth Fall Marble Show

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I drove up Sat and brought some paperweights and lots of contemp handmades. I spiced it up a bit with some nice Tiffany, Steuben, art glass and even a nice piece of Meissen. Really enjoyed seeing everyone.

(Bet ya didn't know Sam Houston played marbles!)









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Our Texas Marble Collectors website has helped us get new members. Adrian Hernandez is one of our new members signed up at the Ft. Worth show.


I took most of my pics while our members were setting up for the show or shopping at each other's tables. This is Raymond Anderson, Steve Dodson, and Jack Lockridge.

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Bobby Newman and Neysa and the Taylors. The Taylors make game boards for marbles and this year they had some hickory or cedar wooden crosses decorated with marbles. I didn't do a pic of the one I bought. I already took it to my church to hang on our cross wall.


Eddie and Madalyn Poteet with Jayson Massey.


Raymond Anderson at our show entry table. The big jewel in front of him was a gift he bought for his wife. Sherry usually comes to our shows, but she didn't make this one.


The Burch family found us by reaching our web site. The collector in the group is the girl in the front row, Rylee. A trip to the marble show was her birthday present this year. She is 11. They came Friday for in room trading and returned on Saturday for the show. They joined the club and we hope to see them again in Round Rock in April.

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